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Making gambling a WOW! Experience


Become a Super Hero


The basis for making Hero Gaming change the way the world sees gambling entertainment is to have a brilliant team of employees, a group of super heroes. Being a product company with control over our destiny we can make our own decisions and let our creativity actually become realities. We work hard but have fun at the same time and make each other the best we can be.

Latest news

Casino Heroes 3 Wins Casino Product of the Year 2018!

London, Feb. 5th, 2018. At the fourth Global Gaming Awards ceremony, that focuses on recognising innovative companies and their past year’s achievements in the gaming world, Casino Heroes 3 won the prize for Casino Product of the year.

Casino Heroes 3.0 – coming soon!

Soon you will be able to enjoy a brand-new adventure with Casino Heroes 3.0. We are taking the world’s most rewarding and fun casino loyalty program to the next level!