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Our Brands

Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes, launched in 2014, has the best casino games but the players are part of an adventure and fun story telling. The main adventure takes place on a beautiful island in a quest to get back a stolen crown stolen by a big evil dragon.


CasiTabi, launched in 2015, takes adventure casino gaming to the Japanese market. With its tailor made avatars and adaptations to the market it has quickly become a favourite among the Japanese casino players.


Betser, launched in 2016, reinvents Sports betting. With innovative approaches and an edgy brand it changes how sports betting is played. Here the player can compete against each other in an exciting league system as well as playing the best casino games in a great environment.

Speedy Casino

Speedy Casino was launched end July 2018 and is a unique casino where Hero Gaming is making another step towards fulfilling the dream of delivering the best gambling entertainment to the world.