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Betser was launched late 2016 and is a sports brand with an edgy feeling. At Betser we offer a great variety of sports betting and casino games all in a great package. With its mobile first strategy it has a great UX and with the combination of gamification features it is becoming a favourite among players.

Betser.com gives the players not only the option to play great casino games and bet on all the sports imaginable but also be part of the Balls and Brains concept and the Betser League. When players play their favourite casino games and bet on sports, he or she collects points. The points are called Balls and Brains. Balls are collected on high risk profile bets while brains are gathered on more cautious strategies. The players can see their risk profile and can use the points in the Balls and Brains store to exchange for free spins or free bets.

The Betser League is a unique concept where players compete of who is best at betting. A player has a place in the large league and making a winning sports bet collects points based on the odds of the bet. After two weeks a season is over and players are moved up and down in the system and collects trophies, badges and monetary awards.