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Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes was initially launched as Casino Saga and is the first casino that really incorporated Gamefication and storytelling to enhance the experience and life time of players. Casino Heroes is powered by the great platform built by Hero Gaming and the great skills of the support personnel. 

At Casino Heroes the players are playing the best casino games from six of the world’s best casino game providers all packaged in great usability and storytelling. The players not only become a player, he or she becomes a casino hero and sets out on quests to fulfill. In the first island, the players’ main objective is to get back a golden crown stolen by a large dragon called Betser. After selecting a favourite avatar, the player moves forward on a beautiful map by playing favourite casino games. When entering a new region on the map, the player needs to fight against a boss in a fun game, if the player wins he or she will take the bosses treasures and can continue on the quest, loosing throws back the hero a bit on the map.

Also while playing, the player collects Rubies which can be traded for different free spins. Of course Casino Heroes is backed by great support agents that can help the players with anything in a great way, for Hero Gaming great support will always be a very high priority. Casino Heroes is available on desktop, mobile web, iOS and Android apps.