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Is this the day when you decide that your story
 will be told as the story of a hero?

Our mission

Hero Gaming’s mission is to use Gamefication to make gambling feel like a WOW! Experience. In essence to make the entertainment go deeper and make it more fun to play.

Hero Gaming is an international gambling company that leads the industry by utilizing features seen in many other types of games, this makes us create products that are more entertaining and more fun for our players all over the world.

Life at Hero Gaming

Hero Gaming has two offices, one in the vibrant and international Malmo in the south of Sweden where we do product development and one in the sunny island of Malta with its hub of creation and gambling focus.

Working at Hero Gaming is to be part of a journey where we revolutionize an industry. We believe we can only do this with being able to quickly implement creative ideas. This is done by having very talented people, fast decision making and try to reduce third party dependencies as much as possible.

Working here is hard work but it is also very fun! We all help each other and have the attitude that we shall all be the best we can be.

Open positions