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Life at Hero Gaming

MADRID! From racing to raving and last but not least – what Hero Gaming is best at – rewarding!

Our Heroes surely and truly showed how to make the most out of Madrid. The trip was a treat for all our Hero employees as a sign of the appreciation and gratitude we feel towards each and every one of our Heroes’ dedication and endeavours. And Oh my, was it a feast of joy and diverse activities in the cultural and pulsing Kingdom of Spain.


Hero Gaming wins the 2016 EGR Operator Awards for Rising Star

"It is great to see that we are recognized both by the player community and the industry as the company that is rising towards becoming one of the larger operators, it gives us energy to continue to work with innovation and creativity where it matters the most." - Georg Westin, the Founder of Hero Gaming.

Life at Hero Gaming

EGR 2016 Rising Star Award

Lightning does strike twice. From its launch in 2014, Casino Heroes is not only shortlisted but once again one of the favourite nominees at the “Oscars” of the iGaming industry. We are talking about no other than the prestigious nomination of the EGR 2016 Rising Star Award.

Life at Hero Gaming

Hero Gaming continues to astound the industry

There is no doubt Betser brings something brand new to the table, as it is based on a unique and edgy concept where players are rewarded at every turn. Every player is seen as exceptional and takes the center stage while their personal betting profile is analyzed.

Life at Hero Gaming

Interview with CEO of Hero Gaming

Who is the best person to ask when you are itching to know more about Hero Gaming? Naturally, it’s the CEO of the company. We sat down with Magnus Alebo to get an insight into what is it like to be running an iGaming company, and what makes Hero Gaming so special.